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"There are dozens of reasons why becoming a member makes sense, but one of the biggest is the cost..."

- John Giannini, La Salle

"My site is very unique to me. That is what makes so good..."
- Dave Magarity,  Army
In September 2005, coaches from the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA and all levels came together to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
     Effective July 1, 2007

All Coach Network was created to help coaches. The success of this project, established by and the National Association of Basketball Coaches, is dependent upon the ability of its members to comply. All Coach Network is able to make available to coaches technology and manpower well-exceeding industry standards, provided that proper procedures are followed. Failure to comply may result in delays in site creation, temporary suspension or termination of a site. In such an event the National Association of Basketball Coaches would be made aware of the failure to comply. Some examples of circumstances that may result in delay, suspension or termination are as follows:

I. Failure to communicate content and design elements may result in prolonged delays in the construction of a site. This is very important, as the prices do not allow for All Coach Network web design team to continuously re-design the elements of the site without good cause.

II. Inappropriate content or sponsorship may result in a temporary suspension or termination. Any content (print or photo) deemed inappropriate will be reported to the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The All Coach Network team must approve all photos, not originating from an institution’s athletic department. Dynamic sites, which incorporate an update tool will be monitored to insure quality.

III. Failure to make payment may result in a suspension or termination. Yearly renewal fees are expected to be paid upon receipt of invoice unless prior arrangements are made. Sites can be suspended immediately if payment is not received. It is the responsibility of all members to communicate any problems or issues as they relate to payment. In the event of temporary interruption of service, a late fee will be assessed to reactivate the site. In addition, a full payment of the balance of the three-year term will be required before reestablishing the site.

Again, it is important to be noted that All Coach Network was created to help coaches. Its’ intended purpose can be confirmed by its members, all of whom want to ensure that all future members have an excellent experience as well., the National Association of Basketball Coaches and the members of thank you for your understanding.

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