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- Lute Olson, Naismith Hall of Fame

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In September 2005, coaches from the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA and all levels came together to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Dear Fellow Coaches,

Bob Marlin -- Sam Houston State --  Member of AllCoachNetwork.comIt is with great pleasure that I invite you to take advantage of a very promising venture the NABC has launched in cooperation with -- a premiere collegiate and high school destination website. is the Internet solution for the coaching profession. Whether you coach Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey or another sport, can provide you with a professional and affordable web solution.

So often, coaches do not receive the opportunity to promote their efforts or beliefs on or off the court or field of play. will give the professional coach a voice in the vast media universe. Your official site will allow you to present information that is important, if not critical, to you.

Your personal website can assist your program in recruiting efforts, summer camp awareness (information and registration), your viewpoints concerning issues affecting your sport, fan interaction and much more.

All this for a fraction of the price it would cost to develop your site through other commercial means. was originally conceived as a service for NABC members, but it has since been opened to all coaches at all levels, regardless of sport.

Please take a minute and review the information contained in this brochure. I am sure you will be motivated to participate in OUR Coaches Network --

Yours in coaching,

Jim Haney
Executive Director
National Association of Basketball Coaches

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You can pay for your All Coach Network membership with a credit card or by check - either personal or from your school. Contact ACN at 781-255-1894 with any questions on payments, billing or invoicing your school or fill out our contact form by clicking here.

And you can sign up now by clicking here.

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Regardless of what package best fits your needs, all websites are custom designed and tailored to fit your specific needs and personality. From a design aspect, visitors to your website will not be able to distinguish between packages.

In addition all costs for web hosting, trouble shooting and content updates are included. The price of each package varies, depending upon the number of site elements you would like to have incorporated into your presence on the World Wide Web.

This project was established by and the National Association of Basketball Coaches to better assist coaches in their efforts to secure a website. However, failure to comply with the simple procedures set forth by, with the approval of the NABC may result in the immediate termination of site. Procedures as they apply to the initial setup process and compliance through the duration of the term, which is three years. Furthermore, all prices are based on a three-year commitment. This provision has been approved by the NABC.

Prices effective July 1, 2007

Design / First Year Fee: $350
Yearly Renewal Fee: $350

The basic website package, which provides you with a very professional web presence, includes the following:

- Free domain name registration (i.e.
- Customized graphic design and site creation
- Five menu selections (bio, team, columns, camp, contact)
- Five interior pages
- Contact form


Design / First Year Fee: $500
Yearly Renewal Fee: $500

The accelerated website package includes everything offered to Bronze members, plus the following:

- Ten menu selections
- Twenty interior pages (to allow for sub sections)
- Assistance with content creation
- Customized camp information page
- Photo galleries
- Interactive contact forum


Design / First Year Fee: $750
Yearly Renewal Fee: $750

The complete website package includes everything offered to Silver and Bronze members, plus the following:

- Audio and Video applications [VIEW A SAMPLE OF THE VIDEO PLAYER]
- Customized splash page
- Customized content creation
- Unlimited number of menu selections and sub sections
- Unlimited number of interior pages
- Unlimited number of dynamic pages (rotating images, slide shows, etc)
- Payment forms (ability to accept online payments for camps, etc)


Design / First Year Fee: $950
Yearly Renewal Fee: $950

The ultimate website package includes everything offered to Gold, Silver and Bronze members, plus the following:

- Flash elements (splash page and specialty pages within your site).
- Imbedded audio (music and voice prompts on pages).
- Player feature page (many athletic departments create individuals pages to promote a student athlete for postseason award consideration)



NOTE: As a member of All Coach Network you retain the rights to all the content on your website, unless otherwise stipulated. All aspects of the website, as it relates to design and layout, are the property of

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